The Reputation Resumé - Your Most Important Document.

Thank you for the questions an inquiries about what a Reputation Resumé is. To put it briefly: it’s a report that captures your reputation and highlights how your professional network and clients perceive your real skills, unique qualities, and bugs. It indicates your full potential and brings you the self-awareness that is the basis for becoming successful.

Seth Godin has, in my opinion, made the most interesting statement about the importance of reputation when he wrote: “Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you do.” Still many, whatever position, are surprisingly unaware of its content. My commitment is crystal clear to make the Reputation Resumé to the most important document in your professional life. 

Greatness always starts with self-awareness. People who understand what motivates them, their unique qualities and bugs will be successful. We should realize that others know us best and it’s others that value us, recommend us, applaud us, spread our messages or hire us. Your reputation is in their eyes and is the best measure of your talents and potential, and it can be captured excellently by your reputation resume.

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