Reputation Management Starts Offline.

In the digital age when we are so widely connected our reputation is far more valuable than ever. Many see reputation primarily as an online strategy, building your brand. But, in every crucial part, you should know and expand your reputation offline and then develop an effective strategy to put it online. It doesn’t matter how you position yourself online if you don’t live up to your reputation in every moment of your daily business dealings.

There is one thing that has fascinated me throughout the last years of my work with reputation. Everyone that I talk to agree how crucial it is to their success, yet very few know what their reputation looks like or the opportunities that it opens up. What’s holding us back? Traditional ways of thinking? Are we scared of finding out? That’s one question that I haven’t quite figured out yet.

Just Right

On the flight to Stockholm, I picked up the SAS Magazine and read this interesting article about the Swedish word ”lagom.” It has become famous, meaning not too little and not too much. Instead, they suggested ”Just Right” which is perfect.

Now we don’t have to discuss if the work was done excellent or good enough which is only confusing. When you are feeling proud of what you have accomplished it’s ”Just Right.” It builds your reputation with the elegance of simplicity.

Myths About Quitting.

I see many myths about quitting like winners never quit and quitters never win. To quit the right thing at the right time is the main key to top performance and the basis of your stop-doing-list. So you should never see quitting as a failure; instead, it pushes you into an area where you combine your commitment, your unique qualities with your passion for doing great things for your clients. It's a brilliant way of building an attractive reputation, and it also means a quality of life.

You could have bright business ideas or brilliant strategies but everything lands in how you are perceived - your reputation. It's something to consider when approaching potential clients, business partners or investors since it sets the stage for interaction. Knowing and nurturing your reputation is probably the best investment you'll ever make and often something that is sadly missed.

Great Leadership Starts With Self-Awareness

Great leadership starts with self-awareness according to numerous articles and research. You make better decisions and are more successful.

Others see our unique qualities and flaws best which makes reputation a critical leadership tool. You should invest in your perceived strengths that make you great but also handle the bugs that hinder successful leadership. I see no other single strategy with the same economic impact as working with reputation.

You will find a longer article on the subject here.

Stories Are Everything

Stories are everything and the best story wins.

Your reputation is the story that you bring to the world, and you should be crystal clear of its content. But, it’s not enough to just tell a good story; you have to be one in every aspect since your performance builds your reputation, not what you say about yourself.

Expanding your reputation is a mindset, a lifestyle, a commitment and a game changer.

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