My Commitment To You.

I’m genuinely committed to making Reputation Mastery™ to the most critical part of your professional life for many reasons. It’s fighting a traditional mindset, and it’s about making you realize the huge power of knowing the hidden treasures of your reputation. It’s about delivering the practical tools to Richard Branson's recent words that success in life and business is entirely based on your reputation.

I love the word mastery, and Reputation Mastery is not dealing with being the best, it’s highlighting and using your hidden assets to bring out your full capacity daring to stand out as unique. You are hired, or invested in based on the expectations that you and your reputation set. It’s that simple and worth your full attention.

So - what can you expect from me? Based on my experience of working with more than 1000 consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders in eight different countries exploring and expanding their professional reputation I can offer you a unique approach. In this way, I will give you my absolute best to highlight your most valuable assets to help you discover and tap into your full capacity to reach the next professional level.

7 Areas Building Self-Awareness & Reputation.

It’s clear that others know our strengths and flaws best and in an article in Forbes, they suggested transforming the word self-awareness to other-awareness. Brilliant Gary Vaynerchuk says that: ”You just have to know yourself. You have to deploy self-awareness and start spending your time on what you are good at.

In research by Dr. Tasha Eurich, she identified seven areas where we need to be self-aware and seek feedback through knowing our reputation. These are: our values, passions, aspirations, fit (type of environment is going to make us engaged), personality, strengths and weaknesses, and the impact we have on people around us

Others see our strengths and flaws best, but the external self-awareness could be tricky. How can we truly know how others see us since those who know us best often won’t tell us? Going through the reputation process by a third party will do the trick.

How do you come across at business meetings?

Have you considered how you come across in business meetings or presentations? This is crucial both when doing business in your own country and when you're aiming to expand your business to other countries, where you also have to handle the important cultural differences. Knowing your reputation, how you are perceived will give you the opportunity to manage your bugs and raise the bar of your business approach.

Your reputation will set the level of what your clients and colleagues expect you to accomplish and how. If your awareness of the content of your reputation is a bit blurry, these expectations will also become blurry, and you are at risk of being undervalued and can’t fully live up to your capacity. It might cause you to stagnate, which will affect your reputation and it could become a vicious circle.

Picture Your Reputation.

Your reputation is your professional DNA and the story that you bring to the world. When working with individuals and deliver their Reputation Resumé I also want to offer them the opportunity to have the pictures taken that reflect on their reputation.

For that reason, I have started a collaboration with very talented photographer Anna Jarphammar.

How To Repair A Somewhat Tarnished Reputation.

I quite often get the question how you can go about repairing a perhaps ill deserved tarnished reputation. Is it even possible? 

There could be a large variety of reason for this to occur; it could be as simple as that you have stagnated on your job and didn't do much about it. You might have been in the wrong job or project where you've been underused and undervalued and been unable to use your full potential. A tarnished reputation can cost you a huge amount of money and prestige and repair it is something that should be a top priority

Reputation management is a huge business in the US, and many other countries deal mainly with how you position yourself online. Many social media experts want to see reputation primarily as an online strategy, building your brand. Of course, this is important, but to me, there is something even more urgent. In every crucial part, you should know and expand your reputation offline and then build an effective strategy to put it online. It doesn't matter how you position yourself offline if you don't live up to your reputation in every moment of your daily business dealings. 

What's the solution? I would say that it's about finding out the full content of your reputation in an entirely trustworthy way. Then look at which your perceived strengths are and what your bugs (weaknesses) look like. Now it’s time to launch a strategy to build on your unique qualities, handle your bugs in different ways and consider what is missing. It’s also time to have an action plan since your reputation always builds on performance.

So- yes, it's not only possible to repair a tarnished reputation, it’s bold, quite efficient and useful strategy. Of course, it might initially feel a bit creepy which is a huge indicator that it needs to be done since your professional future is depending on it.


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