Reputation Resumé - Your Most Critical Document.

Your reputation is everything; it’s the one thing that everything in your professional life revolves around. You attract clients, investors or get hired on the expectations that your reputation sets on what you can accomplish and how. The Reputation Resumé highlights your unique qualities, strengths, and also bugs that might hinder your success. 

Your success doesn’t necessarily have to do with formal training but exploring your talents in new ways. It’s no longer about hard and soft skills but knowing your real skills that create results and your reputation will be the tool.

Twenty of my clients has chosen to undergo the process of mapping their reputation a second time after 4-5 years, and in every case, their reputation had improved substantially reaching new heights. What surprised me was that everyone said that they hadn't done anything that they could put their finger on in the period in between. It puts reputation in a new dimension since they got their reputation into their mind and body and "just" lived and expanded it. It's the true power of reputation.

Working with a reputation resumé is about making you realize the huge power of knowing the hidden treasures of your reputation. It’s about delivering the practical tools to Richard Branson’s recent words that success in life and business is entirely based on your reputation. Or Seth Godin’s statement that Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you do. 

Still many, whatever position, are surprisingly unaware of its content. The Reputation Resumé will put an end to that.

Your Breakthrough Of A Lifetime.

From time to time I consider how I became this nerd in the reputation area and why it’s becoming more interesting every day. Besides being a new approach to highlighting our unique qualities, what has fascinated me the most is how it shows your hidden capacity indicating what you can accomplish. It’s the foundation of everything, and I can’t find anything more important. It’s a privilege to serve in this area.

There will always be bugs that affect your reputation, and you might miss great opportunities without even knowing it. On the other hand - an excellent reputation can initiate loads of possibilities and your breakthrough of a lifetime can come from anywhere. Success in your business or career is entirely based on your reputation. It’s a bit scary that one single factor can decide your professional life.

People will buy from you, work with you, invest in you and hire you based on your reputation and the expectations that accompany it. It goes far beyond your expertise, credentials, and history. Exploring and expanding every inch of your reputation will provide you with the keys you need for your future success. Or again as Seth Godin puts it: “Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you do.”

Recruiter And Reputation.

Ten years ago I started a discussion in my first book about the recruitment process, and many of my ideas seem still to be valid. Today work-life will no longer be only about building a resumé but building your reputation. Exciting companies will not be filled with people sending in their traditional resumés; they will be occupied by individuals with an excellent reputation built on how they do things. Or as Apple puts it: “You’re amazing - we should talk.”

But there is another aspect that is interesting since I noticed that a majority of the talents that recruiters are looking for say that they research the recruiter's reputation before deciding how to answer the approach. With very few exceptions I would say that many recruiters are as unaware of their reputation as the rest of us which will affect their ability to attract the best talents.

The True Joy Of Being A Nerd.

An essential part of working with and expanding your reputation is to embrace a niche, being visible as THE expert - the person that people will listen to, trust and hire. Jack of all trades is the master of none is a figure of speech, but it’s more important than ever. It’s about the Nerd Factor.

It deals with the aspiration of becoming remarkable in your area and experience the pure joy of being genuinely good at what you do. People with this aspiration build an excellent reputation since they never settle for less. They are bold, do things before they become necessary and start before they are ready, releasing the beta version of themselves. Remarkable people are worth talking about, and they seldom need a resume. And, we can all become remarkable in our area.

For the last ten years, I’ve worked with the intention of being a nerd in the reputation area, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it since will decide your professional future. Seth Godin has, in my opinion, made the most interesting statement about the importance of reputation when he wrote: “Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you do.” Still many, whatever position, are surprisingly unaware of its content. 

My commitment is crystal clear to make the Reputation Resumé to the most critical document in your professional life. 

The Question I Keep Struggling With.

There is one question that I keep struggling with. Why don’t we pay more attention to the one thing that has the potential of changing our professional lives? World leaders like Richard Branson and Warren Buffett acknowledge their reputation as their greatest asset. Self-awareness is the number one leadership tool. As consultants or entrepreneurs, we are our reputation. Most people that I talk to, whatever position, agree that it’s crucial to their success. And yet …

I frequently look at research to validate what I’m talking about. Research from Stanford University and Harvard Business School has looked into that question what makes us hire a certain person for a project or a job. It shows that it’s not Experience at the top of the list but instead potential for the future. Expectations and reputation rule. Everyone can tell about the great things they've done in the past, but when asked what to expect there is often an unmistakable hesitation.

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