The End Of Expertise?

I’ve written a couple of posts about my reputation journey and of course I consider what lies ahead of me. What trends will somehow rewire both our brains and our businesses to open up new ways of thinking and acting? In an interesting article “The End Of Expertise” written by Bill Fischer for the Drucker Forum, he deals with the commodity of knowledge when everyone today has access to it.

It means that traditional management models might loose in their potency and people with the fewest formal credentials can take the lead and be the most irreplaceable. It will all boil down to that our future success will build on your reputation, the expectations that it creates and the trust that it develops.

Convinced Being On The Right Track.

I have been on an exciting journey for the last ten years working with reputation. It solves the problem with knowing, growing and promoting those vital skills that by many are called the real skills, the ones that create successful results. I have reached parts of my dream, the methods are in place, and I’m also by some considered a pioneer and a game changer in my field as a part of my reputation. And, I must confess that I’m darned proud of it.

During this journey I heard leading business people like Richard Branson and Warren Buffett saying that it’s the most critical part of their businesses. Brilliant Seth Godin wrote that reputation has the same impact on your life as what you actually do. Leading futurists like Rachel Botsman talks about a new economy built on reputation and trust. I’m convinced that I’m on the right track.

Self-Awareness Is Understanding How Others See Us.

I see an increasing number of articles about the research on self-awareness - published both in Forbes and in Wall Street Journal. What they have in common is that people with a high level of self-awareness make smarter decisions and are more successful. It’s labeled a critical leadership tool, and I would say that this also goes for entrepreneurs and consultants.

Self-awareness is the ability to understand how others see us and it ought to be a major wake-up call since this is what knowing your reputation is all about. It’s time to take control of your professional approach and will be the best investment to make in your professional future since it will help you to harness your potential. You can then use your unique talents to magnify your impact in an environment that best suits you.

Building A Nerd Factor.

An important part of expanding your reputation is to embrace a niche. Jack of all trades is the master of none, is a figure of speech, but it’s more important than ever. Ambition is great, but it's your commitment that will take you all the way. Everyone wants to be good, but how many are willing to sacrifice the time and money to be awesome?

People with the commitment to be remarkable build an excellent reputation since they never settle for less. They are bold, do things before it becomes necessary and start before they are ready. Amazing people go from story-telling to story-doing creating what’s worth talking about and we can all become outstanding in our area.

From time to time I consider how I became this nerd in the reputation area and why it’s becoming more interesting every day. Besides being a new approach to highlighting our unique qualities, what has fascinated me the most is how it shows your hidden capacity indicating what you can accomplish. It’s the foundation of everything, and I can’t find anything more important. It’s a privilege to serve in this area.

The Beta Version Of You.

You could learn a great deal from apps and release the Beta version of you since it means testing different approaches and continuously updating yourself. It builds on curiosity, courage, and action and it gives your reputation a boost. It's a game changer that transforms your weaknesses into bugs that are natural and can be that you handled, and you will stop associating risk with failure.

I got the question if releasing the Beta version of you contradicts aiming for being amazing, fighting average and mediocrity. It's an interesting question, but I would say, on the contrary, embracing imperfection in the Beta version means testing different approaches heading for the remarkable. It's putting our focus on action, builds reputation and makes you proud of your delivery.

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