Self Awareness Is About Other Awareness.

Greatness requires self-awareness. People who understand themselves, what motivates them, their unique qualities and bugs will be successful, and we can take help from our professional surroundings. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google said that it’s others that know our strengths best. It’s others that value us, recommend us, applaud us, spread our messages or hire us. Your reputation is in the eyes of the beholder and is the best measure of your talents, and it captures your potential. 

We are surprisingly bad at seeing ourselves, our strengths and bugs as others see them. The question that arises is who does know us best, and my answer will be the same as Eric’s - others.

I think it’s time to replace the word Self Awareness with Other Awareness. My overall impression after working with so many individuals around their reputation is that a huge majority aren’t aware of their unique qualities and if your knowledge of your reputation is a bit blurry the consequence is that the expectations of what you can accomplish will also be a blurry or even small. This will without any doubt limit your professional journey substantially.

Your reputation is the most important part that you bring from deal to deal, from project to project and how you act is always the multiplier. One thing that I initially had a hard time to accept was that I don't own my reputation since it's how others are perceiving my actions. What I quickly realized was that I can influence it in significant ways by my commitment to regularly raise the bar of my performance and to always keep that in mind.

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