How To Repair A Somewhat Tarnished Reputation.

I quite often get the question how you can go about repairing a perhaps ill deserved tarnished reputation. Is it even possible? 

There could be a large variety of reason for this to occur; it could be as simple as that you have stagnated on your job and didn't do much about it. You might have been in the wrong job or project where you've been underused and undervalued and been unable to use your full potential. A tarnished reputation can cost you a huge amount of money and prestige and repair it is something that should be a top priority

Reputation management is a huge business in the US, and many other countries deal mainly with how you position yourself online. Many social media experts want to see reputation primarily as an online strategy, building your brand. Of course, this is important, but to me, there is something even more urgent. In every crucial part, you should know and expand your reputation offline and then build an effective strategy to put it online. It doesn't matter how you position yourself offline if you don't live up to your reputation in every moment of your daily business dealings. 

What's the solution? I would say that it's about finding out the full content of your reputation in an entirely trustworthy way. Then look at which your perceived strengths are and what your bugs (weaknesses) look like. Now it’s time to launch a strategy to build on your unique qualities, handle your bugs in different ways and consider what is missing. It’s also time to have an action plan since your reputation always builds on performance.

So- yes, it's not only possible to repair a tarnished reputation, it’s bold, quite efficient and useful strategy. Of course, it might initially feel a bit creepy which is a huge indicator that it needs to be done since your professional future is depending on it.


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