Build Reputation Instead Of A Resumé.

Ten years ago I started a discussion in my first book about the recruitment process, and many of my ideas seem still to be valid. But, today work-life will no longer be only about building a resumé but building your reputation. Exciting companies will not be filled with people sending in their traditional resumés; they will be occupied by individuals with an excellent reputation built on how they do things. Or as Apple puts it: “You’re amazing - we should talk."

I try not to quote others as much nowadays, instead, trying to shape my own thoughts and ideas. But I can’t help but quoting Seth Godin’s thought-provoking sentence that is so worth to reflect upon: “Your reputation has as much impact on your life as what you do.” We are entering the new reputation economy and what we see is merely the beginning. Reputation and trust will be the cornerstones in our new way of working and the recruitment industry will have a huge challenge.

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