A New Professional Dimension

I meet many consultants and entrepreneurs who talk about rebooting their business looking for new ways to show their real value to attract new clients or investors. Knowing your reputation will address this issue since it sums up your actions the last years, it indicates how good you are and sets the expectations of what you can accomplish.

What keeps surprising me is that we don’t pay more attention to our unique qualities than we do. It’s about those soft skills that Tom Peters calls the actual hard skills, which create results. Seth Godin calls them real skills, not soft – without them, nothing much happens. It’s time to unlock the power of reputation, get to know your real skills and realize what you can accomplish.

Never before has so much been written about reputation in the press and the trends aren't going to reverse - on the contrary. Most experts agree that reputation is the best measure of talents and I agree with them. What a glorious opportunity this is for all of you who want to challenge traditional ways to stand out. It’s about taking your business or career to the next professional level.

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