7 Areas Building Self-Awareness & Reputation.

It’s clear that others know our strengths and flaws best and in an article in Forbes, they suggested transforming the word self-awareness to other-awareness. Brilliant Gary Vaynerchuk says that: ”You just have to know yourself. You have to deploy self-awareness and start spending your time on what you are good at.

In research by Dr. Tasha Eurich, she identified seven areas where we need to be self-aware and seek feedback through knowing our reputation. These are: our values, passions, aspirations, fit (type of environment is going to make us engaged), personality, strengths and weaknesses, and the impact we have on people around us

Others see our strengths and flaws best, but the external self-awareness could be tricky. How can we truly know how others see us since those who know us best often won’t tell us? Going through the reputation process by a third party will do the trick.

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