• Reputation Mastery™

    ”Your reputation is everything. It's the one thing that everything else in your
    professional life revolves around.”

    Victor Cheng - McKinsey.

Your reputation is everything. It helps you to become the expert that people listen to, trust and hire. Your expertise can never stand alone since by itself it guarantees nothing. You need to transform it into action with successful results through a perfect mix of your experience, strengths and unique qualities.

All of this comes together in your reputation where you will get the whole package introduced in a trustworthy and exciting way. According to Forbes Magazine, it’s the best measure of your talents, and Richard Branson says that success in life or business is entirely built on your reputation.

Cracking The Code Of Being Hired

Your reputation builds on your actions and how they are perceived. It sets the expectation of what you can accomplish and how you will do it. It indicates your full capacity and is the reason why you’re being hired - can anything be more important?

A vast majority of the decisions about you are made when you are not present - the 'only' thing present is your reputation. It's when your clients discuss if they will hire you for that exciting project, recommend you or invest in you, all those crucial moments in your business life or career. Do you know the content of your reputation?

Your Professional DNA

Your reputation sums up your results and the way you have achieved them during the last years. It's your professional DNA and indicates what you can accomplish. To get access to your full capacity, you need to map it to be able to build on your perceived strengths and unique qualities, handle your bugs and consider what's missing.

We frequently research to form an opinion on our potential business partners and clients. But, how much research do you perform on your reputation, how you are perceived? Everything in your professional life is revolving around it, and it’s a unique measure of your talent. I see how this is a blind spot for so many.

Per Frykman

My Professional Reputation
"Per is a dedicated game changer chiseling out the uniqueness of his clients highlighting their full potential. 

By exploring your professional reputation, Per highlights your hidden success factors. He contributes to a unique self-awareness that brings you courage, action and indicates your full capacity. His reputation feedback is one of those extraordinary eureka moments and by hiring Per new exciting ideas emerge taking you to a new professional level.

Per is the expert and go-to-person in the reputation area, and he spreads his knowledge in inexhaustible ways through his books and articles. His conviction, creativity, and commitment are most impressive, and his methods are breaking new grounds also in an international context. Per is bringing out the absolute best in his clients, and he is a role model living his entrepreneurial dream.”

The above is Per's reputation in brief based upon the anonymous answers of 10 clients, analyzed by Caroan Consulting.

 My LinkedIn Profile


What We Are Offering

Based on my experience of working with more than 1000 consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders in eight different countries exploring and expanding their professional reputation I can offer you a unique approach. In this way, I will give you my absolute best to highlight your most valuable assets to help you discover and tap into your full capacity to reach a new professional level and the things that you want to accomplish


”Your way of analyzing and making personal strengths concrete is unbeatable and the story and profile of each person is unique and forceful. You do it extremely well and it has never been easier to recommend someone – I have never before been so positive. All these years after Tom Peters coined the term Brand You, you are the first who have found a way to make it real”

Paul Holmstrom - Chairman of Bioss Inc.

"The best piece of business advice ever! The greatest surprise is the overwhelming courage that Your Professional Reputation brings to you. Once you know what others think of your work, you’re ready to take major leaps towards your goals! I’ve done it!”

Magdalena Bibik - CEO Stockholm Comedy Club


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