• Per Frykman


”Per is a game changer who is chiseling out the uniqueness of his clients and by highlighting their full potential he brings out their best.”

”Per is a game changer and is in the frontline in the area of reputation. He is chiseling out what is unique with his clients, making the hidden assets that create success visible. Per is contributing to a unique self awareness that brings you courage and highlights your full potential. Giving feedback on his client’s reputation is one of those extraordinary eureka moments.

With his genuine curiosity Per challenges the traditional mindset and he spreads his knowledge in an inexhaustible way through his books and articles. His solid conviction, creativity and dedication is most impressive and his ideas and methods are breaking new grounds. Per is bringing out the best in his clients and he is a role model to many living his entrepreneurial dream.”

The above is based upon the answers of 9 clients, analyzed by Caroan Consulting.

What We Are Offering

Mapping and Expanding Your Reputation

Everyone that I meet agree upon how crucial their reputation is for their success yet very few are aware of what their reputation looks like or the huge possibilities that it opens up. Your reputation runs your business life and career. You don't own your reputation, it's in the eyes of the beholder but, when you know what it looks like you have all the power in the world to influence it.

We can help you with mapping and expanding it- we have so far done it for more than one thousand entrepreneurs, consultants and leaders in different countries.

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