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Picture Your Reputation.

Your reputation is your professional DNA and the story that you bring to the world. When working with individuals and deliver their Reputation Resumé I also want to offer them the opportunity to have the pictures taken that reflect on their reputation.

For that reason, I have started a collaboration with very talented photographer Anna Jarphammar.

How To Repair A Somewhat Tarnished Reputation.

I quite often get the question how you can go about repairing a perhaps ill deserved tarnished reputation. Is it even possible? 

There could be a large variety of reason for this to occur; it could be as simple as that you have stagnated on your job and didn't do much about it. You might have been in the wrong job or project where you've been underused and undervalued and been unable to use your full potential. A tarnished reputation can cost you a huge amount of money and prestige and repair it is something that should be a top priority

Reputation management is a huge business in the US, and many other countries deal mainly with how you position yourself online. Many social media experts want to see reputation primarily as an online strategy, building your brand. Of course, this is important, but to me, there is something even more urgent. In every crucial part, you should know and expand your reputation offline and then build an effective strategy to put it online. It doesn't matter how you position yourself offline if you don't live up to your reputation in every moment of your daily business dealings. 

What's the solution? I would say that it's about finding out the full content of your reputation in an entirely trustworthy way. Then look at which your perceived strengths are and what your bugs (weaknesses) look like. Now it’s time to launch a strategy to build on your unique qualities, handle your bugs in different ways and consider what is missing. It’s also time to have an action plan since your reputation always builds on performance.

So- yes, it's not only possible to repair a tarnished reputation, it’s bold, quite efficient and useful strategy. Of course, it might initially feel a bit creepy which is a huge indicator that it needs to be done since your professional future is depending on it.


A Bit Scared Of Finding Out Your Reputation?

One common reaction that I meet when it comes to exploring your professional reputation is that it feels a bit ”creepy.”

I can understand the feeling since I’ve been through the process myself. But, if you’re a bit scared of finding out your reputation then it’s the time to do it since your success is depending on it. Then you’ll have the tremendous opportunity to build on your perceived strengths, handle your bugs and consider what’s missing.

It’s an exciting process.

A New Professional Dimension

I meet many consultants and entrepreneurs who talk about rebooting their business looking for new ways to show their real value to attract new clients or investors. Knowing your reputation will address this issue since it sums up your actions the last years, it indicates how good you are and sets the expectations of what you can accomplish.

What keeps surprising me is that we don’t pay more attention to our unique qualities than we do. It’s about those soft skills that Tom Peters calls the actual hard skills, which create results. Seth Godin calls them real skills, not soft – without them, nothing much happens. It’s time to unlock the power of reputation, get to know your real skills and realize what you can accomplish.

Never before has so much been written about reputation in the press and the trends aren't going to reverse - on the contrary. Most experts agree that reputation is the best measure of talents and I agree with them. What a glorious opportunity this is for all of you who want to challenge traditional ways to stand out. It’s about taking your business or career to the next professional level.

Self Awareness Is About Other Awareness.

Greatness requires self-awareness. People who understand themselves, what motivates them, their unique qualities and bugs will be successful, and we can take help from our professional surroundings. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google said that it’s others that know our strengths best. It’s others that value us, recommend us, applaud us, spread our messages or hire us. Your reputation is in the eyes of the beholder and is the best measure of your talents, and it captures your potential. 

We are surprisingly bad at seeing ourselves, our strengths and bugs as others see them. The question that arises is who does know us best, and my answer will be the same as Eric’s - others.

I think it’s time to replace the word Self Awareness with Other Awareness. My overall impression after working with so many individuals around their reputation is that a huge majority aren’t aware of their unique qualities and if your knowledge of your reputation is a bit blurry the consequence is that the expectations of what you can accomplish will also be a blurry or even small. This will without any doubt limit your professional journey substantially.

Your reputation is the most important part that you bring from deal to deal, from project to project and how you act is always the multiplier. One thing that I initially had a hard time to accept was that I don't own my reputation since it's how others are perceiving my actions. What I quickly realized was that I can influence it in significant ways by my commitment to regularly raise the bar of my performance and to always keep that in mind.

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